"I have quickly seen what needs to take place to win in 2018"- McCarney

We can accomplish our TEAM Goals with Kevin as Vice Chair

  •  Big ideas on how we can improve our ground game
  •  Establish a direct and responsive feedback line to members of our party
  •  Actually "do" the work that the party needs to be successful not just fill a position
  •  I will NOT be a “yes” man for our leadership team. I will actively seek out the blind spot for our party and bring all ideas to the table to give Colorado the best chance for success  
  •  I am the everyday Republican; I am one of you. I am a Tea Party Leader, I actually worked as Mesa County Trump Chairman to get our President elected. I have traveled across this beautiful state to build coalitions of support for our Republican candidate for President. I truly believe as party leadership we should come together to support all our Republican candidates. 
  •   I fully support and love our Colorado Caucus. We must look at all our options and make the best choices on how to win in 2018.