Kevin McCarney for State Colorado GOP Vice Chair


Dear Friends and Fellow Republicans,
My name is Kevin McCarney, and I am a firm believer that our party is great because of the
individuals and ideas that comprise it. Republican politics in Colorado has long been a realm
where competition of ideas and viewpoints allows us to put our best candidates and policies
forward year after year. Much like iron sharpening iron, I believe the people who make up our Republican Party must continually challenge each other to make it the best it can be.

The election in 2018 holds a special challenge for Republicans, and Party leadership that strives for excellence is critical to our success. The Governor’s race, our State Senate, and the majority in the State House will all be decided by our ability to fundraise and build a statewide team that enables victory for our candidates.

I am proud to announce that, today, I am entering the race for the Vice Chairmanship of the Colorado Republican Party. My reasons for entering this race are simple. I believe in the Republican ideals that make our party great. Personal responsibility, Constitutional protection of our rights, economic and national security and liberty under the law are causes that I have championed my entire life. As the former Mesa County chair for the Donald Trump campaign, I understand how to work with a team to bring real results to the Western Slope and to Colorado. I am the Chair of Freedom! Colorado, the former Vice Chair of Mesa County Republicans, and a former Board Member of the Western Slope Conservative Alliance. I understand how our Republican ideals translate into winning elections, and I know where the rubber meets the road to get us there.

You may remember that earlier this year, I declared my candidacy for the Chairmanship along with Mr. Jeff Hays and Mr. George Anathanasopoulos. My decision to withdraw and become a candidate for the Vice Chairmanship came after prayer and deliberation with my team. I realize that there is a competitive void in this race and, as I see it, a lack of representation for the Western Slope in party leadership. As one who lives on the Western Slope, I can ensure a congruent campaigning and fundraising effort between the 22 counties in the Western slope and the rest of Colorado. I am also willing and eager to work with whomever may win the Chairmanship, to ensure a stronger Republican Colorado in 2018.
As voting members of the Central Committee, I respectfully ask for your support and your vote at our Central Committee Meeting on Saturday, Apr. 1st, 2017. If you would like to know more about me and my campaign, please visit my website at , call me at
(970) 250-5109 or send me an email at .
Kevin McCarney
Candidate for Vice Chair, Colorado Republican Party


This decision was made with one priority; to make our Party the absolute strongest it can be.