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I am happy to announce our support for 2016 Mesa County Trump for Colorado Co-Chair Kevin McCarney for Vice Chair of the Colorado Republican Party.

Mesa County turned out bigly to elect President Trump and Kevin's help in Mesa was a large part of that success. Not only did he turn out big crowds to support candidate Donald J. Trump in one of Colorado's large Republican counties, he had a yuge part to play in hosting several large events for Trump and his family. 

We are certain he will bring that enthusiasm and know-how with him to serve Republicans well as Colorado's next Vice Chair. Join us in supporting Kevin McCarney at the Colorado State Central Committee meeting next Saturday, April 1.

Go Trump!

Robert Blaha

Colorado State Chairman
Donald J. Trump for President

Robert Blaha Trump for Colorado Chairman

Robert Blaha Trump for Colorado Chairman

Ray Scott State Senator 

Ray Scott State Senator 

"Kevin and I started our involvement in politics together. He is a true conservative and I know of no harder worker when the campaign is in swing. I have called on his help several times, and he has never failed to support me or the Party. I recommended him for the Mesa County Trump Chairmanship and heartedly endorse him for Vice Chair."-Ray Scott Colorado State Senator

US Congressman Scott McInnis (Ret) 

US Congressman Scott McInnis (Ret) 

Kevin McCarney for Vice Chair

"Kevin McCarney is a solid individual with strong values and leadership skills."-US Congressman Scott McInnis (Ret)



"Kevin is a solid Republican with a dream for Colorado.  That dream is to ensure that no Coloradan experiences what he and his wife faced during the years of failed leadership and policies from the Left.  The Western Slope was hit hard.  Our businesses were nearly destroyed.  Our housing market was decimated.  Kevin is focused on helping Republicans take back our state in 2018, not just for the Western Slope, but for Republicans and their families across Colorado.  He will support our party's next Chair and he will work tirelessly to promote, fundraise and expand our base."- Kraig Andrews 2015-2017 Mesa County Chairman 


“I am endorsing Kevin McCarney. We need Western Slope Representation and an even keeled person to work as a team”
— Jennifer Woolley, Republican Eagle County
“I would like to endorse Kevin. He has worked very hard for Mesa County Republicans for many years. He is a grass roots kind of guy with great character! I have no doubt that he will work tirelessly for Colorado.”
— Mark McCallister Second Vice Chair Mesa County Republicans

“Kevin has a vision for Colorado to be a Red State in 2018. I believe he has the fight and leadership we need in the state party to do just that. We have to pull Republicans together and make it happen. Please join me in supporting Kevin to be our next Vice Chairman!”
— Richard Drake

Jeff McCloskey, President of Mesa County Patriots 

Kevin McCarney for Vice Chair

Colorado needs Kevin McCarney as the next Vice Chair of our State Republican Party. Kevin will fight for rural Colorado. Kevin will fight for the jobs that we have lost due to Democrat and Federal micromanagement and inefficiency. Kevin has been a vocal activist for truly restrained government here on the Western Slope for over a decade.

As President of the “Mesa County Patriots” for the last 4 years, I have watched Kevin attempt to find common ground and bring unity among the right wing and moderate factions of the Republican Party on the Western Slope. Kevin is a trusted voice who stands on principle and who speaks truth to power. 

Kevin hates government corruption and insider deals as much as you do. Is never-ending Denver-controlled State Party leadership responsible for our Party’s inability to beat a groggy and unenthused Gov. Hickenlooper last time around? We need to get beyond the milquetoast, losing strategies of the past and inspire Colorado with a bold vision of America’s founding principles. Kevin is the man do it. - Jeff McCloskey 

“Constitutional Conservative, we need him to help us turn the state RED”
— Gaylynn Jameson

Alden Savoca, Small Business Owner and Former Mesa County Executive Board Member

Kevin McCarney for Vice Chair 

I have known Kevin McCarney for several years now, and in my opinion, Kevin is excellently equipped, informed, and aware of the challenges facing our Party to be able to do a top-notch job in dealing with them, and advancing the message and standard of the Republican Party.

Kevin, while well aware of the important role affluent Party members and donors play in our electoral success, also understands better than any other candidate for this position, the role that the everyday grassroots Republican voter wants to and must play in our Party for perpetual progress to be made in the right direction within our government.

Kevin understands why Donald Trump won the 2016 election; he understands how Trump connected with people; and he understands how to do that at the State Party level.  If the State Party could imitate the success of Donald Trump by connecting with the people in our Party, and outside of it, who we routinely ignore, we could recapture the state government at every level.  Kevin can do that.

I am eagerly anticipating the day when I can be proud of and support both my Party and my Party's candidates, rather than our candidates alone.  It's time for a shift in the way our leaders represent our Party.  It's time for our Party to start standing with our conservative members in government, our conservative principles in our platform, and start attracting people to our cause because of what we stand for, not just because of who we stand with. 

Kevin can, and WILL do that.  I wholeheartedly endorse him for State Party Vice Chair, and encourage all Central Committee Members to vote for Kevin McCarney at the April 1st organizational meeting. -Alden Savoca

Kevin McCarney, very excited for your future and to know that an uncompromising, conservative, believer in the strength of the people rather than government, regarder of History and an everyday volleyball ref is running for this position! I wish you success! #TeamUSA
— Sherronna Bishop

It’s come to my attention that this Tea Party friend is running for a seat at the table of our GOP in Colorado. 

Kevin is running for Vice Chairman of the GOP of Colorado. 

I can only tell you what I know about Kevin, he is one of the most honorable men I know. He is there whenever I have called on him, he has been the staunch supporter of the Republican Party. He has stood by me at every rally I have asked him to attend, given speeches with vigor, is outspoken and direct. He has been an aggressive opponent of all things socialist/progressive and is the most active man I know, that has never sought a public seat. 

His knowledge is invaluable, his insight is without blinders and his stances are unchallengeable. He is active in debating issues with our County Commissioners, our City Council and even his friends. His points are always on topic and on target. 

Kevin is hated by the socialists in Mesa County; he is attacked more by them, than they attack Ray Scott. 

He is a true friend of this Tea Party and I trust Kevin as a true Conservative, Constitutionalist and leader of the Conservative movement in Mesa County. I truly value my friendship with Kevin!


I ask if you are in a position to vote for Kevin, to do so. We need his input and insight at this table.

Tim Fenwick

Founding Member of the TEA Party Grand Junction Area.

Having worked with Kevin throughout the years as a Precinct Captain in Mesa County, I firmly believe his stalwart leadership is a move in the right direction for our party’s victory at the ballot box in 2018.
— Krik Conn